Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Puzzled Life

Hey y'all!

I have decided to just dive right into my thoughts, instead of easing into this whole blog idea.  You are welcome!

My Briggs has recently gotten into doing puzzles.  I feel like there are 4 stages, well 5, while he builds.  First is the "I got this" Stage.  Second is the "this is the fourth piece I have tried and it still doesn't fit" Stage.  Third is the "angry" Stage.  Fourth is the "I did it" Stage.  And the fifth {not pictured} is the "I destroyed it" Stage.

Have you ever just sat back and watched your life come together as a puzzle does?  Only to have it not come together as you would like and then have it fall completely apart?  Have you ever sat back and watched this happen to another person?  Maybe a spouse or family member you love, a friend you care for deeply?  Have you ever watched a toddler try to put a 10 piece puzzle together {see above}?  My last question for you would be, have you ever put together a 100/1000/10000 piece puzzle in a large group?

You may be wondering why I even decided to ask all these questions, and that's great, because I am going to answer them for you!

I know for a fact that I have watched my puzzle pieces come together and fall apart, and it was/is by the grace of God that I was able to get back on my feet and watch the pieces, although not always fitting together easily, begin to come together again.  The truth is, I {nor you} have never seen the full puzzle put together and I am ok with that.  Why?  Because I never will, until I am face-to-face with Jesus.  When that tims comes, I cannot wait to look back and fully watch my puzzle be completed from beginning to end. And instead of asking Him why certain things happened in my life, to sit with Him and thank Him for all that He did in my life.

I have also sat in the background while watching a family be torn apart because of poor life decisions.  This family's puzzle has been a rough one, maybe like a 1,000 piece.  But through all the frustrations of pieces not fitting as they should or as we would like them to, one side continues to believe that God has a plan to put all the pieces together as they should be.  For both sides that is.  One half is left with consequences and one with blessings. 

And no, thankfully I have not tried to put a large puzzle together with multiple people because it just sounds stressful and not very enjoyable!  So I would just avoid that situation at all costs!
-You may be reading this thinking that my thoughts are all over the place or don't make a whole lot of sense, and that's ok.  Because in my head they sound good :) -

Puzzles are all different.  Some are more difficult, some are very easy, and some are just plain simple.  All puzzles come with different forms of frustration, depending on your age of course.  Puzzles could be similar to life situations, good and bad.  What truly matters is how we attempt to put these pieces together.  Will we sit back and follow the pieces God has for our lives, knowing it won't always be easy, or will we attempt to put our own pieces together to try and live that perfect puzzled life?


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  1. Love this post! It's ok if you're thoughts are scattered, that's how we have to start puzzles anyways,right? Scatter all the pieces out to get started! I'm so proud of you starting a blog, friend, and I'm so excited to read your posts! Keep it up! :)