Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The NOT so super mom

That's right, I said it.  I am the NOT so super mom!

Sometimes people make comments about me being a super mom, and let me tell you, behind our doors I am FAR from that.  There are days when my kids stay in their pajamas all day.  Days that we watch way to much T.V.  Days when I don't get my devotions in.  Days where I feel as if I am neglecting my children just so I can clean the house.  Days when I need to be reminded that it is lunch time.  Days when I am in a grumpy mood, which then affects how I treat my littles.  Days when I don't get to shower {gross I know}.  Days that start with arguments, and timeouts.  Days that start with sugary cereals/pastries.  Days that I am down because I am comparing my lazy hard days, to other moms - who seem to have it all together.  You name it, we have {more then likely} had that type of day!

Let me tell you struggling momma, days like those ↑ are OK and NORMAL!  The more I talk to other women, the more I have found out that I am NOT alone!  More women out there struggle just like I do, and we need to be there for each other.  We need to be honest and share our stories more often with others, so they can be honest with themselves and share their stories with others.  So let's take off our super mom masks, embrace each day as a gift from God, and stop trying to impress others.  We are all messy people who make mistakes/sin daily!

So what should we focus on more then the bad days when we feel like the NOT so super mom?  That God has been so gracious to give us breath again!  That is something that should be rejoiced in every morning.    
                   Let me throw this in there, ↑ I am preaching to myself right now!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Why into Thank You

Well it has been a few days since my last post.  My goal was to blog every day, or at least every other day.  As you see, that did not happen!  Life happens and we get super busy in our household, and if we are not busy, I don't ever seem to have time to myself anymore.

Speaking of not having any time to myself these days, do you ever feel as if your children think they need more attention?  I don't know about you, but trying to divide equal time between 3 littles is difficult!  I constantly feel like I am being pulled in so many directions -

Mommya please play with me!
Mommya I need help!
Mommya I am done....AKA please come wipe me!
Mommya I want a snacky!
Mommya where's my water!
Mommya where's my bunny?

To be honest, usually by the end of the day I am spent!  When the Mr. gets home, I usually refer all questions or needs his way, and I forget that he has been working at the office all day and also needs some time to himself.  Do any of y'all stay-at-home moms do the same thing?  I just want to make sure I am not the only one!  Oh and just a side note, I am trying to get better at that!

Recently in my quiet time, {which normally happens to and from my early workout} I have been thinking about how God divides His time between us all, and how He doesn't get overwhelmed or stressed out with our many questions and needs.

God, why me?
God, why do bad things happen?
God, please help me get through this day!
Dear God, ____  {whatever it may be}

Can you imagine that?  Listening to millions of people calling out your name at the same time with different needs and questions?  As I began to meditate more on these questions, all I could do was say "Thank you God!  Thank you for a new day!  Thank you for my healthy children who can call out my name when they are in need!  Thank you for my husband's career! Thank you for loving us!  Thank you for listening when we call out with our many needs and questions!  Thank you for the trials we may go through, for we know You are with us!" 

So to wrap this blog up, I would hope that you would come on board with me and try to thank God more then complain to Him.  I also hope you will take the time to comment below on how you spread your time between multiple littles, and ways you try to thank God daily!