Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More about The Hermons

Hello Friends! 

As I was sitting wondering about a hobby I could start up, blogging came to my mind.  Now I will be honest, when it came across my mind I instantly started to think of reasons of why I should not blog.  Well, here I am.  I over came my fear of not making sense, punctuation not being correct, offending others, others judging the way we do life, not having it all together, and many more.  You see, during this time of reasoning I was reminded/convicted that others have the same problem.  We are all not perfect, although some may think they are, and if you are one of those people please let me burst your perfect bubble and tell you that you are not.  Long story short I decided that maybe, just maybe, my stories can help you feel like you are not alone in this life!

To get started, although I feel as if I already did, let me tell you a little more about us - The Hermons.

Troy and I happen to be one of the many who were blessed to meet online.  I smiled at him first, and the rest is history.  Within 5 years of marriage we have moved 3 times {one move took us out of state}, bought our first house, and have had 3 boys.  So, to say the least we have been busy!  I would not change a thing...well maybe I would and that would be more land to live on, but that's something we can plan for in the future. 

If I had to describe each person in our family with few words, it would look like this.

Troy -
Godly man.  Head of the household.  Life partner.  Great Daddya.  GGMU.

Jax -
Our first born.  Sensitive, caring, and cautious.

Briggs -
Our second.  Funny, snuggler, and free spirited.

Easton -
Our third, possibly our last - yet to be determined.  Mover, sweet, and spitter.  

Me -
Soon to be 30.  Stay at home mommya.  Runner.  Coffee addict. 
                                ^Those all seem pretty important, right?^

Well, through this blog I hope to connect, and relate to y'all.  Most importantly, I pray that I can help at least one reader out there through my stories.  Sometimes it is hard to relate when we don't open up...so I guess I could say, this is me opening up trying to help others know they are not alone!


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